We Manage your Money so you can Manage your Business!

Welcome to Ohana Bookkeeping

In Hawaiian, “Ohana” means family – the concept that defines how we do business.  We are a family of Bookkeepers and QuickBooks specialists focused on managing your books so you can direct your time toward operating your business and enjoying your family.   At Ohana, we truly care about the success of your business, you as a person, and our team. 

We specialize in Law Firms, but also service the service industries nationwide.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to help small business owners by providing simplified, accurate, and timely financial reports so their time can be better invested in the success of their companies, or their well-being.

Vision Statement

Ohana Bookkeeping is a small bookkeeping firm that hopes to make a big impact on the world.  We currently have four bookkeepers including three CPAs in our firm, and wish to have a total of ten bookkeepers.  Once we reach our goal, we still want to grow and help more small businesses, but we want to do this while staying small.  It’s important to us to not become Corporate as that is the life we all chose to leave.  Our clients are small businesses, and so are we.  We can relate to our clients as we go through the same ups and downs as any small business.  In order to expand but yet remain small, our long-term goal is to start a franchise.  As a franchise, all the Ohana Bookkeeping firms will be individually owned, and each firm will still have the ability to relate to our clients and all small business owners while helping small businesses across the nation.

During our adventures of building our Ohana Bookkeeping firm(s), our goal is to help our clients and fellow business owners save time and money.  With the financial reports we provide, the business owners can make better decisions on what or what not to invest in, they’ll know how profitable they are, how much cash they have on-hand, etc.  This will give the business owners extra time to spend on their company or with their family.

Ohana Bookkeeping is also dedicated to our individual team members.  It is important to us that our employees are reaching their business goals as well as their personal goals.  We make sure our bookkeepers are working the amount of hours they choose so they can financially support themselves and their families, while having the time to enjoy life and be with their families.  We are all about balance.

Our third goal is to help our planet, our home.  We may be a little company in a big picture, but we want to do what we can.  We encourage our clients to go as paperless as possible to save trees and be better organized.  We also donate monthly to a non-profit called 4Ocean which removes pounds of trash from the ocean.

We at Ohana Bookkeeping hope to make an impact on those around us by spreading love and positivity through our bookkeeping and goodwill. We hope to have individually owned bookkeeping firms around the nation so we can continue to help our fellow small business owners, our bookkeepers, and our planet.  We are always looking for positive, energetic, goal driven individuals to join our Ohana whether as a client or bookkeeper, so we can live a healthier, happier, and more well-balanced life.