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Jessica Wilson On Lawprenuer Radio

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Jessica Wilson from Ohana Bookkeeping was featured on in May 2014. They talked about Jessica’s experience as an accountant, what made her want to start Ohana Bookkeeping, and some lessons she learned along the way. The twenty minute interview is posted on Ohana’s website in an audio format, and it is also transcribed below: Miranda McCroskey (Host): Hi, welcome to Lawpreneur Radio. This is your host, Miranda McCroskey, at McCroskey Legal. I am a practicing criminal defense attorney in Orange County, California. I’ve been a Lawpreneur for the past ten years, and I’m the host of Lawpreneur Radio. Today, our guest is Jessica Wilson of Ohana Bookkeeping. Hi, Jessica. Jessica Wilson (Guest): Hi, Miranda. Thanks so much for having me. Miranda: Yeah, you’re welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you. Jessica Wilson of Ohana Bookkeeping fell in love with accounting at a young age. And when she decided to open her own firm, it was so she could be a bookkeeper and support small businesses. Jessica, that is a very simplistic and short overview of who you are, so take some time now and tell us your journey; tell us how you became the owner of Ohana Bookkeeping, and um specifically how you had the courage to make that leap to go out on your own. Jessica: Okay, well I started when I was nineteen. I was the accountant for my dad’s little itty bitty company, DME company (Durable Medical Equipment), and um, I actually fell in love with it. It was the first time it was introduced to me, but it just came very easy to me. And I really liked working for him and supporting his small business. Unfortunately, due to the recession, his business closed, so I went onto work for other companies, um, bigger companies in the accounting industry. And I worked for corporate America for probably about nine, no, thirteen years. And I actually gave birth to my daughter almost two years ago, and um, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I did not want to work forty hours a week, and be away from my baby, especially with all the drive time and the lunch hours, I just didn’t get to see her grow up, and it just broke my heart too much. So I felt like I really needed to go out on my own. And I thought about it for a long time, I just had it written down as one of my goals, ‘find a way to quit my job; how can I make money staying at home’? So I thought about it, and I finally came up with the idea of just being a bookkeeper for small businesses. A good friend of mine who is an owner of a restaurant told me; he implanted that idea in my brain about two years ago saying that he hires a bookkeeper that comes in once a week for a few hours, and he charges him X amount of money, and he told me to do it. And I did not have the confidence then, but now I did. So I looked into it and got my CPB license, it’s like a CPA, but it’s a CPB license for Bookkeeper, while I was still working for my corporate company, and um,...

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