We work with you to maintain a Green Environment

Paperless Services

Ohana Bookkeeping is a planet conscious company, and we are also very organized. When it’s comfortable for the client, we love to scan all of their documents including bills, invoices, receipts, bank statements, etc. and save them onto a secure portal called SmartVault where we can also share these documents with the clients.

All documents in SmartVault are first organized by year, and then by a subcategory such as bank statements or credit card statements. Each client receives their own logon information to SmartVault where they can view and download all documents scanned and saved on this portal. If the client is no longer in need of their physical documents after they are scanned and saved, the documents are put into a secure shredding bin where our shredders, Coastal Secure Shredding, come periodically to shred and recycle all documents.

This service may not be for everyone. There are clients who are very organized with a paper system, and that is great. This service is for those who have mass papers everywhere, and need their office space de-cluttered, so they have a better and more organized working environment. Plus, if you are ever audited by the IRS (hopefully that will never happen) all of your documents will be just a few clicks away and so easy to find.

Our rates are $100.00 per hour to scan and save documents. Please call us at (714) 317-3603 or fill out our Contact Us form if you are interested in our services or have any questions.