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Personal Bookkeeping

Ohana Bookkeeping offers remote personal bookkeeping services to help organize your personal life. Organizing your personal finances simplifies your life and gives you the knowledge you need to make a realistic budget, plan for retirement or college tuition, and make investments. It also allows you to provide accurate numbers to your CPA during tax season with a click of a few buttons.

The following is a list of personal bookkeeping services we can provide depending on the family’s need:

  • Post all bank transactions
  • Post all credit card transactions
  • Reconcile all bank accounts and credit cards
  • Enter and pay bills
  • Manage fixed assets
  • Allocate loan payments
  • Provide monthly financial reports
  • Work directly with CPA at year-end
  • Provide online secure data storage (included)
  • Provide QuickBooks company file (included)


Ohana Bookkeeping hosts QuickBooks Desktop software on our own secure Ohana Cloud, and can provide the client a QuickBooks company file at no additional charge.  The client and Ohana  both have access so there would be no need to pass a file back and forth. It’s a great and simplistic way of having updated financial information at your fingertips at all times.

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